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Being Shy Can be Appealing Too

Many men often wonder if women find shyness as a deterrent factor. This insecurity is mainly brought on because of movies and the fact that in life beautiful women are seen with sexy men at their sides. The thing to remember is that the attraction can vary and women are not always interested in men that have only physical attributes.

If you are shy, then it is worth remembering that you too have something to work in your favor. Your shyness can be appealing because it takes you time to warm up to people but shyness is also associated with an innocence which is rear in this day and age of fast paced living.

Shy but confident

The problem with word ‘shy’ is that it is associated with being under-confident. While this is basically a social stereotype it still can be hard to disprove. That is because women have come to expect men to be able to be extroverts at all times. So the trick is being able to prove that you are shy by nature but also confident.

Naturally the best way to do this is through using your body language to the best of your advantage. Body language is an unspoken way of communicating and thus it is the most effective way of speaking. If words often escape you at a crucial moment then your body language will be a great asset, especially if you can use it to get what you want.

However, to have the greatest impact you must ensure that your clothing is compatible. A fashion statement is a great start. Clothing that makes you feel confidence and not cocky will prove to be their own weight in attraction.

Learn the art of a flirtatious smile so that you can attract the eye of any women. This type of smile is called the secret smile and it works well with appreciating the art of eye contact. When you smile in this manner you should think about something really naughty like a secret you do not want anyone to know. Then establish eye contact with your intended target.

The smile should almost appear like a half smile. This acts as a trigger point. The rest of your body needs to appear relaxed so that you look open. Hands in the pocket are better than hands crossed across your chest. The latter makes you appear defensive, so avoid it all costs, even though you feel vulnerable.

Smiling Man

Smiling Man

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