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Men wear jewelry and it looks good

Men’s jewelry has been a controversial subject for a long time, but gladly times have changed and men’s jewelry are now some of the best looking and most stylish on the market. Long gone are the days when men’s jewelry was unimaginable and had to be only functional with zero sex appeal.

In fact, designers never felt that there was any real need for men to wear jewelry as accessories. Today trends have changed so radically, that men with the know-how can pull the perfect look together with the right watch, bracelet and earring or necklace.

One of the latest male fashion accessories are bracelets; titanium and tungsten bracelets to be exact. Titanium and tungsten jewelry has in fact become a hot trend and a must have for men of style and good taste.

Strong, durable and rugged

These three words sum up tungsten and titanium in a nutshell and tells you why these metals are the latest male fashion trend. Until about a decade ago, titanium was the metal mostly associated with the aerospace industry. That is until jewelry designers sat up and took notice of this wonderful metal and the great versatility it brings into jewelry design. Designers favor titanium for although it is such a strong and durable metal, it is easy to shape the metal and they admit freely that neither platinum nor gold can stand up to titanium for purity, versatility and strength.

Tungsten carbide is four times stronger than titanium so it is not surprising that men want tungsten and titanium jewelry as their latest male fashion accessory. Men have often found in the past that they have to remove all jewelry when they work at physically active jobs or participate in intense physical actions. That has now completely changed. This appeals to men greatly for they do not have to keep taking bracelets and rings off and putting them back on.

Great looks, great investment

Men are keen to finally have jewelry are nearly indestructible, does not lose its luster, can be combined with precious stones and are actually much more affordable than platinum. With titanium and tungsten taking over as the latest male fashion trend in jewelry, men’s jewelry has finally come into its own. Men can now have the rugged looks they want combined with stylish design in jewelry that can take whatever is thrown at them.

Matte and High Polished Tungsten Bracelet for Men