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Add the Right Color to Your Life

When it comes to color, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about kitting yourself out. Being a modern man, picking out a fashionable wardrobe is a stressful job. After all, there is often a fine line between fashionable and a complete fashion disaster. Many men find kitting their wardrobes out such a daunting task that they actually play it far too safe. Here are a few male fashion tips to keep you in style and looking good.


So many good looking men fall into the trap of wearing drab, dull and lifeless clothing simply because it is supposedly a ‘safe’ choice compared to making the right choice when it comes to color and design. News flash boys, dull, drab and colorless is just as much a fashion disaster as making the wrong color and design choice. The first of these male fashion tips is to wear color.

Now, that does not mean you have to look like a chameleon who sat on rainbow socks, but it does mean ditch beige shirts altogether and add a little color to your wardrobe. Summer is the time for color, bright, light and carefree; don’t carry the gloomy, brooding atmosphere of winter with you into summer through your wardrobe. One color that you can simply not go wrong with is French blue.

This color suits just about anyone and everyone and adds a splash of rich color to your look. Another one of our male fashion tips is to keep color high. Forget about colorful pants with a neutral shirt; switch that around for the perfect combination.

Patterns, designs and busy looks

Let’s get one thing about patterns and design straight, wallpaper is fine for your walls but not for your wardrobe so don’t even think about adding loud patterned choices to your kit. Loud patterns and busy designs scream for attention and completely distract from you and the rest of your look.

It steals the show and the attention of any ladies, not to mention the potential it has of scaring them off too. Keep to simple, stylish patterns and designs, paring them up with neutral accessories. For some of the best male fashion tips, take a look around you and see what looks good on other men and what not. Now, that is by no means a suggestion to ogle your mates, but taking note of what works and what does not can give you a real guideline as to what to look for when shopping for yourself.

Colorful Male Fashion

Colorful Male Fashion