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Cool male fashion trends for winter: Accessorizing your way to absolute style!

One of the greatest things about fashion is that you can change things up a little bit every season. Some trends become timeless classics that can happily grace your closet for years, others are ‘one hit wonders’ that you might be glad to turf once the fad has passed.  If you are wondering what the cool male fashion trends are for the upcoming winter, read on…

One of the best ways to keep your look fresh and updated is by adding small accessories to your overall basic look.  Add some of these cool male fashion trends to your wardrobe and stay warm stylishly this winter!

Here are some of the top cool male fashion trends for winter:

Scarves: Never in the history of mankind has it been more fashionable for guys to wear scarves! Invest in a few different scarves and change up your look without spending a fortune! Scarves are a very cool male fashion trend at the moment, and are likely to be popular forever.

Gloves: There are all kinds of variations on the basic theme that kept our great grandfathers warm. Gloves are another layer of accessory that adds depth and richness to your look without too much effort on your part. And of course they’ll keep your fingers nice and toasty too! Hats: Even though it takes a bit of confidence to pull off a funky hat, headwear is one of the   best male fashion trends around.

A quirky hat is a great talking point and you can be sure that wearing a trendy hat will turn heads in your direction. Try to strike a balance between something understated and stylish, and gaudy attention grabbing hats. It’s very difficult to pull of a cowboy hat unless you are completely confident that you have the charisma to pull it off!

Man purses: There is some debate about just how cool male fashion purses are, but with so many practical uses, you will be glad for your man-purse by the end of any day.  It’s a cool male fashion trend that serves so many purposes in the course of any given day.

When it comes to looking fashionable this winter, adding a few key accessories to your wardrobe will work wonders. Try pairing some of these simple suggestions with jeans, suits and anything in between and see how sharp and well put together you look. Best of all these accessories can be found cheap!

Guy With Scarf

Guy With Scarf

Fall and winter must-haves for all guys

There are six basic items of clothing that no wardrobe should ever be without for fall and winter, no matter what is strutted on the catwalks of the world or what the style gurus say. The basic male style guide combines common sense, style, fashion and practicality. The six basics every wardrobe needs are pinstriped pants, striped shirts, a cardigan, jeans, a blazer and flat-front twill pants. Once you understand that these six items are, according to the male style guard, the foundation of your wardrobe, you are ready to build on from that.

Top half

When you get the style basics in your wardrobe for this fall and winter, you are setting your wardrobe up not only for now, but for many seasons to come, so it is sound economics too. So let’s split the male style guide essentials in two and take care of the top half first. You need a cardigan; forget about grandfather’s droopy cardigans.

These are modern and stylish with a sleek, modern cut suitable for going out and for office wear, depending how you dress it up or down. Go for luxury in cashmere or country with elbow patches, whatever you prefer. You need pinstriped pants; as these are perfect classics that spice up your look for formal occasions, yet look just as good when you go casual.

Striped shirts, you must have a good few of these, so pair up jeans with bold and broad striped shirts that look just as good with a suit. Once you start experimenting you will be hooked on striped shirts. The last item is the blazer; you simply cannot have your wardrobe without at least one blazer in a neutral color to give you the best combinations.

Bottom bits

To get the most out of your basic male style guide you need flat-front twill pants and jeans, as these are the two types of pants that give you huge scope. Flat-front twill pants go with just about anything and everything. Match it with a turtleneck or a favorite T-shirt for a night on the town or team it up for casual office wear with a button-down shirt.

This brings us to the last, but for many the most important item, jeans. Jeans are here to stay, no matter how they change the styles and fit, few people today can survive without a few pairs of trusty jeans. Your personal tastes and preferences will guide you whether you prefer designer jeans or the everyday kind. See that your wardrobe has jeans for high days and casual days it is simply a must.

Male Scarf

Male Scarf