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Fashion for the too thin and lanky

So many guys spend their lives envying their skinny brothers that eat what they want and never gain an ounce and modern society favors the lean and equates it with style and good looks. What most people never think of is that those very lanky and often too thin men face as many problems looking stylish and good in clothes as their obese brothers do. Clothes are designed in general for men that are average in build.  This leaves the super-slim men battling to find clothes that fit them properly and make them look good instead of rather drab. Thus it is just as important for the very thin guys to get some basic male fashion tips as to what clothes will make them appear fuller figured.

Go tailored and avoid too tight and clingy

Male fashion tips for the too lanky are to steer clear of clingy fabrics when choosing T-shirts and dress shirts that are slim-fitting will accentuate your thinness. Opt for shirts and tops that fall away from your waistline slightly, but beware of going too large or you will look like you are drowning in your shirt. Always check the labels on any shirts and tops you buy as too much elastic in the fabric will make it cling to your body.

When it comes to blazers and jackets, the way to go is small shoulder pads; this will bring balance to your chest and back. Never overdo the shoulder pads, you want a visual boost not make it look as if you wearing someone else’s blazer. A good male fashion tip is to get your blazers tailored so that they fit correctly everywhere with no loose fabric that makes you look lost in the blazer. Another tip is to wear jackets that fall to just under your buttocks as shorter will emphasize your too thin frame and a too long jacket makes you look like a beanpole wrapped in a blanket.

Fabrics to play down your skinny parts

The best male fashion tip is to choose bulky fabrics and ignore trends that say otherwise. Go all out for chunky knits and thick corduroys when they make the fashion rounds. For dressing up go in for the heavier wools and look for dress shirts with the highest thread count, you need the bulkier and thicker fabrics. On the topic of bulky knits and thick tops; avoid V-neck sweaters, they make your neck look scrawny; instead go after crewnecks and turtlenecks, they are perfect for you. Lastly, stay away from open-collared shirts, rather button dress shirts up and always look for shirts with spread collars, these give your chest a wider appearance.

Man in White Suit

Man in White Suit

Trends in Suits Come and Go

Ever since the male fashion suit, as we know it today has been around, there have been tweaks and changes from year to year.  The bottom line is still that choosing the perfect suit depends on personal taste and preference and body type. The suit trends for 2009 and 2010 are classic and that is a good look in anyone’s books. Besides the trend aspects, there are other considerations when you invest in a new suit and these can make quite a difference to how you look.

Let’s talk buttons

The normal choice in buttons for male fashions suits one, two or three buttons. The number of buttons on a suit jacket has a visual impact and one button makes the wearer appear shorter and more compact, making it only suitable for the very tall.

Two buttons on the other hand gives a slimmer look to the waistline and makes the wearer look taller, so this is always a good choice. The three-button jacket of the 90s are back in fashion and of course it gives the illusion of even greater height, but not a look that is easy to pull off, so only for those with great self-confidence. This brings us to four buttons; yes, those are around at the moment and simply said, they look bad; it’s just too overdone.

Choose your cloth wisely

Male fashion suits come in many different fabrics and your choice of fabric is normally the biggest factor that influences the price. Your fabric selection will often depend on whether you want to wear the suit for many seasons, or if it’s a one-season buy. Wool has always been a clear favorite for durability and comfort. You can never go wrong with wool as long as you look at the thread count [120 – 150]. This ensures a good weave.

Cotton on the other hand is fashionable, airy and looks great in light and dark colors. Take note though, that cotton should always be worn as an informal suit and yes, it will crease quite a lot. Linen simply spells summer and is a great investment for humid climates and stands out in a crowd when worn in cream or white.

These are of course not the only factors that come into consideration when choosing male fashion suits. Mostly though factors such as shoulder padding and lapel styles boil down to what you as the wearer prefer and feel most comfortable with.

Stylish Grey Suit

Stylish Grey Suit

More Than a Jacket, It’s an Essential

At the top of the list of cool male fashions is a jacket; in general lightweight, incredibly practical, water resistant and often also waterproof and goes with anything you are wearing. Sounds a bit too good to be true, but what has just been described is the Mac.

Unless you live in a semi tropical climate, all men need the jacket that is not only for looking good and keeping you warm. You need a jacket that is an all-rounder, the specific garment you grab on your way out the door and throw it on over whatever other layers you are already wearing. This is exactly what you get when you buy a Mac.

A wardrobe must have

A few years ago the Mac made a huge comeback and since then holds its top place as a cool male fashion item that you simply cannot do without. Macs are so incredibly popular with guys of all ages because it is just so incredibly versatile.

The big designers like Stone Island and Burberry hooked their wagon to the Mac and this pushed aware up about this great all-rounder. Don’t forget that this cool male fashion jacket can be waterproof, so if you want your Mac to be heavy-duty, look for one where the fabric has been treated for waterproofing, and you will be set to go.

Dress it up or down, it goes anywhere

Match a Mac with jeans, tee shirt and hi-tops and you dress it down for cool and casual.  Dress it up when you wear it with trousers and dress shirt or suit, it looks great when you simply button it up. Macs are not just for the young crowd, its design is classic so it spills over easily into the more mature wardrobe without you feeling you too old for such a cool male fashion jacket.

Add to all this the fact that the style simply won’t go out of fashion and you have a long-wearing jacket that will have far more worth over time than what you paid for it. The Mac is one of those essentials that you form the foundation of a stylish wardrobe.

You can choose between the two basic styles of Macs; the long trench coat or the cropped jacket to give even more scope for personal expression. If you haven’t bought at least one Mac yet, your wardrobe is sorely lacking.

Male Jacket

Male Jacket