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Trends in Suits Come and Go

Ever since the male fashion suit, as we know it today has been around, there have been tweaks and changes from year to year.  The bottom line is still that choosing the perfect suit depends on personal taste and preference and body type. The suit trends for 2009 and 2010 are classic and that is a good look in anyone’s books. Besides the trend aspects, there are other considerations when you invest in a new suit and these can make quite a difference to how you look.

Let’s talk buttons

The normal choice in buttons for male fashions suits one, two or three buttons. The number of buttons on a suit jacket has a visual impact and one button makes the wearer appear shorter and more compact, making it only suitable for the very tall.

Two buttons on the other hand gives a slimmer look to the waistline and makes the wearer look taller, so this is always a good choice. The three-button jacket of the 90s are back in fashion and of course it gives the illusion of even greater height, but not a look that is easy to pull off, so only for those with great self-confidence. This brings us to four buttons; yes, those are around at the moment and simply said, they look bad; it’s just too overdone.

Choose your cloth wisely

Male fashion suits come in many different fabrics and your choice of fabric is normally the biggest factor that influences the price. Your fabric selection will often depend on whether you want to wear the suit for many seasons, or if it’s a one-season buy. Wool has always been a clear favorite for durability and comfort. You can never go wrong with wool as long as you look at the thread count [120 – 150]. This ensures a good weave.

Cotton on the other hand is fashionable, airy and looks great in light and dark colors. Take note though, that cotton should always be worn as an informal suit and yes, it will crease quite a lot. Linen simply spells summer and is a great investment for humid climates and stands out in a crowd when worn in cream or white.

These are of course not the only factors that come into consideration when choosing male fashion suits. Mostly though factors such as shoulder padding and lapel styles boil down to what you as the wearer prefer and feel most comfortable with.

Stylish Grey Suit

Stylish Grey Suit

Navigating the Confusing World of Male Fashion Advice

It’s a woman’s world when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends, what’s a man to do? Where do you go for practical male style advice that won’t leave you looking like a clown? This article will explore some ways to find the best male fashion advice around, and how to make it your own. Never leave the house looking like “It” again!

When it comes to fashion advice, women seem to have things covered. After all it’s women who make most of the decisions when it comes to what their men wear, right? In fact, men are becoming more and more aware of fashion and how to incorporate advice they receive into their wardrobes. Fashion advice isn’t only for women any more!

Never in the history of mankind have there been so many stylish men about. Whether this is as a result of better men’s fashions, or better access to information about men’s fashions remains to be seen! It seems like everywhere you look there are new designers adding themselves to the list of male fashion designers, creating beautiful clothes and styles for men instead of women.

There is plenty of male fashion advice online. It seems like everywhere you look there are people offering their thoughts and opinions on what makes a man stylish and fashionable. Navigating the world of online fashion advice can seem daunting to anyone!

Tips for finding quality male fashion advice online:

Don’t look in the usual places: When it comes to male fashion advice, the more unique your look the better. Take inspiration from people on the street, or characters in your favorite show. When it comes to ideas for fashion, you can take inspiration from just about anywhere if you look hard enough!

Men’s magazines: There are a great number of men’s magazines online, many of which offer great fashion advice for men! The great thing about men’s fashion magazines is that they offer practical male fashion advice.

Fashion Blogs: Blogs are becoming one of the best sources of male advice. After all, it’s only particularly stylish people who have fashion blogs!

One rule of thumb when it comes to fashion advice; only take the advice of people whose personal style you admire. Everybody is keen to give advice when it comes to fashion, but not everybody is able to give good advice. Use some of these tips to find quality fashion advice and ensure you look your best at all times!

Young Male Style

Young Male Style