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Not All Men are Skinny and Lanky

Big guys are told they need an exercise program and good diet and the pounds will drop off and with an ideal weight they can wear anything. The problem is that there are many guys that are large, big, fat, chubby, and stout or any other euphemisms you wish to use.

You can’t go sit in a corner so find other solutions. The first male fashion tips for big guys are to never wear clothes that are too tight. You accentuate those extra pounds; you look lumpy and appear bigger than you are. The clothes you wear can do a lot to create a slimmer look for you if you keep away from a few don’ts and go for those garments that bring out the best in you.

Stay away from these

The best male fashion tips start with things you should not do. Avoid bulky fabrics such as chunky wool knits and embrace cashmere; it keeps you snug and warm without bulking you up. When it comes to suits, stay away from the thick, stiffer fabrics and go for best-quality light wool, as it’s softer and drapes far better. This is one case where cheap will make you look awful, so make an investment in your suits; you will look great and feel much more confident.

Sloped shoulder tops give you a cone-shape and center all the attention on your midriff. Over-the-top stripes and bold patterns are huge no-no items; avoid them like the plague, unless it’s classy vertical stripes. A male fashion tip few big guys realize involves what they carry around in their pockets.

In truth, have the side pockets of your pants removed or sewn shut and you immediately give your hips a slimmer look. Use a man-bag or such for your gadgets, cell phones and wallet; the mirror will thank you.

Clean out your closet

Replace all your jeans and trousers that fit in the waist with low-rise bottoms as it shortens the distance between the crotch and the top of the waistband. Make sure that you buy pants that do not pinch in your belly, as this will ruin the effect you are trying to achieve.

Slim down your neckline by wearing V-neck shirts and go for dress shirts with collars that have very long points; you bring the attention to your face and not your neck. The rule for blazers and jackets is the buttons, not two; three-button garments give your torso an elongated look.

The final male fashion tip is to stand up straight; you easily drop a stone in weight when you walk up straight and you will pull off your new wardrobe easier at the same time.

Big Men Style

Big Men Style