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Modern Men’s Fashion Tips For 2009

Fashion and fashion trends are terms we have commonly related with fashion for women. However, there are fashion trends for men too and there are men who are conscious of modern fashion trends and strive to look chic, fashionable and smart. Though there may not be as many choices for men as there are for women, what is available can create a style statement. It is not only the clothes that you wear, but also your total appearance and the way you carry yourself that makes all the difference. Let us discuss some modern fashion trends of 2009 that are doing the rounds and are popular among men who care about how they look.

Choosing the Right Color

Color plays an important part of your wardrobe and therefore you must choose the right colors that not only suit you but are also the latest in style. Spring fashion has brought in contrast colors like gray and pearly white that are worn with a dash of color. For those who are daring, pink and lavender is a must in your wardrobe. Hues of blues, browns and unbelievable but true, various tones of orange are in vogue this year. Also shades of purples, indigo and reds when paired with black pants reflect modernity and style. Strange as it may sound, blues and browns make perfect matches this season. A brown jacket can replace the unattractive black jacket and what is great about the former is that as it is worn more and more, it reflects a more classic and vintage look. White as well as blue shirts worn with bold colored ties can add a savvy look to your appearance.


It is the style that you adopt which presents the way you look. Unless you choose what to have in your wardrobe wisely, you may not be referred to as a stylish person or a man who follows the norms of continuous changing styles. So what would be the best outfits to include in your wardrobe that show that you are trendy and are conscious of modern men’s fashions? For a classic look, you could have black silk trousers worn with a jacket. There are certain items that you must have in your wardrobe like a cardigan, which is an all purpose clothing and can be sported with pants, short pants and jeans. Go for neat-shaped lines. Styles keep changing with every season but there are some that tend to remain longer than the others like the khaki pants that are still quite popular while polo neck shirts have returned into fashion and can be worn over the khakis making quite a cool ensemble.

Jeans ever since their inception have always been popular though in varying cuts. This year they have a sleeker cut and are best worn with a dress shirt along with a blazer and a slim flashy tie all of which remind you of the fashion trend in the 80’s. You could also wear them with sport shirts, printed tee shirts and sweaters. Leather is yet another all-time favorite and projects the masculine appeal in you. Choose a jacket that has a sleek cut and highlights the contours of your body, as this will exude sex appeal.


Wide belts hung loosely over the torso and a soft toned cotton or a woolen scarf would go well with any of your daily wear blazers. Cuff links are also great accessories that are in demand this year. The close crop hairstyle is in and most men prefer the style. Also remember to select shoes that are comfortable but smart and the latest in fashion.

If you follow these tips you will not only look chic but also be considered modern and fashionable man. Who knows, you may also set a trend of your own and become a style icon.

Modern Mens Fashion

Modern Mens Fashion