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The Male Fashion Guide

Some men are conscious of their looks and make sure they appear in public looking not only dashing but also one in following with the latest trends. However, most men do not bother about how they look and consider fashion as a totally female attraction. This is but not true because much as there is stress on fashion for women, men have a considerable amount of fashion choices that like women’s fashion change according to season and passing years. For those who have not cared until now but wish to follow the bandwagon of fashionable men, here is a guide to help you select the right clothes for your wardrobe this season.

The style selection in 2009 is focused on bold colors, neat cuts and a more masculine look. Put aside the grays and blacks and add some color to your wardrobe. You can go for blues especially French blue and indigo and hues of brown are the colors for the year and if you are daring enough to sport brighter colors, you could add shades of purple, pinks, reds and even orange to your collection. With summer almost gone, it is time to prepare for the fall. Cardigans would serve everyday purposes while heavier cashmere sweaters would be perfect as you approach winter. Chunky sweaters are what we shall be seeing a lot of this winter. So if you don’t have one, you could do by including some in your wardrobe.

Jeans can be worn all year round with sport shirts or dress shirts, tee shirts and can be topped with a blazer and a sweater if required. Narrow cut jeans are the trend this year and in preferable shades of blue especially in darker hues. A mac or a long overcoat can be bought for winter. Military style shirts, jackets and boots are hotly in vogue and can be worn along with one of your slim jeans. Jackets and hoodies in different materials can be a good accompaniment with a shirt. Leather is always a favorite and remains to be in fashion this year too. However a tailor-made cut that reveals the contours of masculine appeal is what is in fashion this winter. So look for some cool body hugging leather jackets that show off your sexy body provided you have one to show.

For formal wear you can look for matching pinstripe suits that are a hot choice this year. Some of you may have these suits from previous years, so here’s the chance to get them out, have them dusted and hung in your wardrobe for use. Slim ties are back in fashion and you could use some brighter colored neckties to add a tinge of color to your outfit. A selection of ties could be worn with a suit to give variations and a different look. Properly tailored dress shirts would be ideal for your suits. Three piece suits in the same color instead of last years mix and matched, double-breasted coats and long coats are in style this season. A pair of good black dress shoes and a black leather belt would do just fine with your suits.

Male Fashion Model

Male Fashion Model