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Casual style in a heartbeat

Get ready because the fashion police are invading your wardrobe and your lifestyle with male style advice that will turn your kit from tardy to trendy in no time at all. Chuck out those drawers full of fashion faux-pas, banish those crocs from sight, even better yet; banish them to the bin. Let go of all those fashion has-been items that are so last decade and make space for a wardrobe that you will wonder how you lived without. Style is not something everyone is born with, but it is something that everyone can learn so listen up and get ready to revamp your casual look.

Laying down the fashion law

Male style advice, tip number one: when you are in doubt as to what to wear, stick with a simple yet very stylish option, a white oxford shirt. Now, before you rush out and fill your casual wardrobe with that and only that, dare to mix things up a little with pinstripe and windowpane shirts too. Don’t go overboard; not too flash or too in-your-face. While out shirt shopping keep repeating your mantra till you fid a shirt that is befitting of it, “simple, stylish, trendy”. Still a little lost? Well, trust us on this one; you cannot go wrong with blue gingham, as long as it is a shirt and not a pair of trousers.

Moving on to denim

What could possibly be wrong with denim, you may ask. Potentially lots of things, it all depends how you wear it and here is some male style advice about it. Stylish denim jeans that are nowhere near skinny jeans are perfect. Denim shorts, however, are a fashion disaster. If you have them, don’t throw them out; someone may just find out that you ever owned a pair. Lock them away, far, far away and throw away the key.

Sports fans beware

Sports fans, wearing a sports jersey may be okay in the comfort of your own home on those weekends when your team is playing. However, the only person who should ever be walking in the street wearing a sport jersey had better be a professional athlete.

Acceptable and unacceptable

Stains are never a good thing, even on casual wear. However, sometimes they cannot be avoided and that is when you need the savvy to decide which stains can stay and which warrant a trip to the clothing store to find a replacement. Male style advice: unacceptable stains include food, drink and other stains that are simply too gross to think about. If there is even a slight hint of any of those, chuck the item altogether. Small and discreet grass stains or a drop of paint is acceptable as a sign of a well-worn garment.

Everyday Casual Style

Smart Casual Look

How to get smart-casual look

Getting smart casual down pat

There are so many men wandering the streets who simply don’t get smart casual. After all, it’s either smart or it’s casual, isn’t it? Well, as men’s fashion becomes more and more complicated the black and white is fading out and lots of little grey areas are popping up. What you need is a men’s style manual to help you on your way to being fashionable despite the grey areas of men’s fashion that are running circles around you. Here are a few tips to add to your personal men’s style manual to keep you fashion faux-pas free.

Jeans and Khakis

First things first, if you own even a single stitch of Khaki trousers, get rid f them before anyone sees you in them. Khaki trousers are possibly one of the worst fashion items that any man can have in his wardrobe. Think of owning khaki trousers as harboring a fashion terrorist in your midst. These trousers cannot fill the position for dress pants or a good pair of jeans in either a working or causal environment, not even a smart casual one.
Consider the last pair you bought as the last pair you will ever buy. Moving along, jeans are next in your men’s style manual. Now, while there can be a great many things wrong with a pair of jeans, jeans in themselves are a staple for any man’s wardrobe. Jeans are perfect for toning down any look from smart to smart casual and they are comfortable to boot. Find yourself a good pair of ‘dress jeans’ for those important and all too common smart or dress casual events. Dress jeans are simply jeans that are of high quality, offer a flattering cut and fit and a smart, stylish look. Invest in lighter pairs of ‘dress jeans’ for summer and darker for the winter months.

Warm casual

Men’s style manual tips for colder weather: when the colder weather starts approaching you may be tempted to haul out your most comfortable clothing. In a way, just as people reach for comfort food in the winter months, food that is enjoyable, easy and something you only eat at home, people reach for comfort clothing.
This is often clothing that is oversized, extremely comfortable and makes you happy. Unfortunately, those items are not going to make it for the smart casual look, only the comfy home casual look. Invest in turtle necks for a more casual yet sophisticated look. Pair your jeans up with collared shirts for a smart yet distinctly casual flair or a round or V-neck sweater.

Smart Casual Look

Smart Casual Look