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Black Men’s Fashion

The African-American men and women have consistently led the style parade, redefining fashion and setting trends of their own. They carry the most fashionable styles with panache, styles that have made a statement and been followed by others around the world. Black men and women have a natural flair for dressing in style and through decades have proved themselves as trendsetters and inventors of the hottest fashions of the age. From making themselves distinctive in the popular zoot suits of the 40’s to the hip hop fashion of the 80’s, which to this day has remained with variations in style, the black men have shown that they have a superior dress sense as compared to people of other races.

It is not only the clothes but also their unique hairstyles and a thoughtfully perceived use of accessories that have put them in the forefront. They have been an inspiration to several world-renowned designers who have used these ideas for their clothesline and for displaying them on the ramps during gala fashion events. Having suffered severe oppression, the African-American community revolted against their peers by creating their versions of fashionable clothes, which they began to wear and roam the streets of Harlem. Women wore the best outfits to church every Sunday and thus began an unstoppable revolution that brought the black men and women to the forefront in the world of fashionably dressed people.

Almost all colors are perfect for their skin tone and they can easily carry off colors that many others cannot dare to wear. If it is a pin stripe dress suit that is being considered then a shirt complimenting the pin stripes would be an ideal choice. Haircuts and hairstyles adopted by black men this season includes the complete bald look, which is perfect if you are losing hair early. The close-cut shave is also a raging hairstyle this season while the neat-coiffed Afro, a vintage hairstyle, can be quite stylish provided the outfit worn with it is equally modern in style. The unruly dreads are being worn short this season to give a more orderly look.

As for accessories, you can find black men flaunting the most desirable as well as the most flashy accessories, making heads turn as they pass by. From chunky chains with pendants to intricate wristbands, a variety of neckties and uniquely styled shoes, African-American men can carry them all with grace. Whatever they wear, black men make a statement and tend to stand out of the crowd and are eventually admired for their fashion sense and more than often copied by others across the globe.

Hip Hop Fashion

Hip Hop Fashion