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Sweaters are a fashion staple for any man, and even for women. They are warm, soft, comfortable and trendy. Not to mention, they fill the grey areas between smart and casual too. Sweaters come in all shapes, sizes, styles and more, so it is not uncommon for mean to start sweating at the prospect of picking the right sweater out. Don’t sweat it, here is a men’s style manual to sweaters and staying in fashion.

Luxury sweaters

When you think of sweaters, it may be hard to think that there is such a thing as luxury sweaters but there really are. Cashmere is the king of sweaters for its absolutely luxurious feel, softness and style. You can pull a cashmere sweater off any time of the year in basically any color. Another men’s style manual tip: Remember that cashmere is king and the ladies worship it.

Even more sweater tips

Sweaters come in different styles but none more fashionable and versatile than the V-neck and crew-neck. You can wear these sweaters as a casual, smart casual or even a smart look in winter or summer. Sweaters are essentially season-less. The turtleneck sweater is also a rather versatile, sophisticated and comfortable sweater buy. And what about cardigans? Well, you may never give cardigans a second thought, but that is just plain prejudice. Get over the idea of an old man’s cardigan that buttons up and simply looks ‘uncool’. Start thinking new, trendy and great fashion for men.

Yes, cardigans are a great fashion buy for the modern man and you can ditch the buttons too. For a younger, fresher and more appealing look, opt for a zippered cardigan. Sweaters need not make you look like a mommy’s boy, a nerd or out of fashion. The trick is to purchase sweaters that compliment your shape, skin tone, color and your personal style. Choose from thin, cool cottons for summer and spring wear and thick woolen knits for winter warmth. Sweaters should be on any men’s style manual list of wardrobe must haves.

Caring for your clothing investment

Sweaters are probably not the cheapest clothing item on the market and as such, it is important to know exactly how to care for them properly. Care for a sweater properly and it will last much longer before it becomes comfort clothing, only to be worn at home. The men’s style manual to sweaters advocates hand washing and dry cleaning your sweaters. All your sweaters should be dry cleaned about once each season that you wear them. However, accidents do happen and so does general dirt so hand washing is a fantastic alternative. Hand washing also often leaves your wool and cashmere sweaters feeling softer than when you have had them dry cleaned.

Men's Sweater

Men's Sweater

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