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What’s Hot for Men in 2011

For those of you getting ready to be the next trend setter in 2011, there are a few things to make yourself aware of. The best way to describe fashion trends for men in the spring of 2011 is to tell you to take the 80’s and add a few futuristic touches.

This spring you will find several blasts from the past making a monumental return. The number one popular trend setter will be the return of the double breasted jacket. It will be hard to find blazers, jackets, or trench coats that will not dawn this fashion style. Unlike the 80’s, you will notice a few distinct differences. One, the collar may be made out of a different fabric and or colored material which gives this old trend a truly new and updated look. Two, these jackets will not just be your traditional colors of gray, brown, and black, they will emerge in fabrics with bright floral prints.

Floral prints are the next hot item to discuss. T-shirts, dress shirts, jackets, everywhere you look this season you will see a extremely popular theme of floral. This is not a trend where men will be losing their masculinity, it is just the opposite. This spring men will be embracing their floral side and showing that color and print do not dictate their manhood.

Next we have a twist to many mens favorite pieces of clothing, jeans. This year men will be tossing their favorite blue and black jeans aside and trading them in for grey. Grey is the new blue.

Suspenders are back in a big way. Whether you are dressed in a suit for work or just showing off those new grey jeans, you will need to add suspenders to your ensemble in order to look complete. Although this is not just for appearance, it is also for function.

Mens pants are making another transition. We have gone from loose and baggy pants, to a more straight legged style to an extremely skinny style. Now we are moving forward with a combined fashion. Pants will be loose and baggy at the top and then tapper down to a skinny leg at the bottom, thus the need for suspenders to hold them up and in place.

So remember, in 2011 take what you remember from the 80’s, add a futuristic twist and you will be a trend setter.

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