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There is Nothing Wrong with an Ambient Smell

Fashion is about using two senses to create just the right type of effect. With the eyes you can decide if someone is wearing clothing with just the right balance from the color wheel. This can either make them appear balanced or simply appealing. The nose is there to balance out the whole look. Smell is as much a part of selecting the right clothing as it is a tool that helps you reminisce. The trick is finding out which scent works well with your natural body odor.

Testing! Testing! Testing!

The problem with perfumes, body sprays or even after shaves is that while they may seem to be made for the masses; your individual adaption will indicate whether or not the one you like actually works for you. Most often people do not realize that you don’t actually choose the smell, but the smell chooses you.

What you eat comes out of your pores as sweat, and these chemicals will either work in harmony to increase your attraction, or you will smell like a man walking through a cloud of nice smelling fumes. The latter is not appealing in that is does not make you memorable in any way. Testing your smell should be part of everything.

A woman’s nose knows, so use the close female friends you have. If you are serious about giving women what they want and creating the right effect then this could be your ticket. Simply select the types of perfume or aftershave or even body spray you fancy, spray it on some T-shirts and let them sniff. They will let you know which one is a ‘you’ smell.

Dating is like a busy restaurant

The reason why all the paraphernalia is needed is because life can be so hectic. There are many things that you might not be able to take in instantly and that is why you need to give yourself a competitive edge.

So what are the things that you want to leave as your first impression? Will your smile cause others to flinch or do you smell like a miner who could use a shower but opted for too much body spray instead?

Thinking about these things and ensuring that you correct them before they become tools of de-attraction means you will be the focus. You want to create an effect but not one that is like a bad tune that sticks to your head because it was bad. Moderation in all things is key.

Male Perfume

Male Perfume

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