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The Wrong Wardrobe Choices

Being a man is no longer an excuse for bad fashion taste and there is no way that you are going to get away with it anymore. There is enough information, advice and personal opinions out there to get your wardrobe whipped into shape in no time at all.

There are always articles in men’s magazines and publications telling you what the hottest trends of the season are. However, there are far too few telling you to get with the program and ditch trends that have joined the dinosaurs in extinction. Here is some male fashion advice; not on what to wear, but rather on what NOT to wear no matter the season.

The skinny and the oversized

Let’s face it, not even women can get the skinny jeans down pat. So what on earth makes any man think that he will be able to pull it off, other than looking like you are wearing denim pantyhose? Men and skinny jeans simply do not mix and that is a piece of male fashion advice that you can take to your grave with you one day. Just as bad as too tight “mantyhose” skinny jeans is the oversized jacket. Answer this, do you dress with the specific intention of looking sloppy, looking your worst or like some seedy flasher stalking the streets?

If not then the oversized jacket simply has to go, no matter the style or how comfortable it may be. These way-too-big jackets offer you nothing other than looking like a formless sack of potatoes with bad fashion sense. Don’t even try to defend that puffer jacket lurking in your wardrobe; you look like the Michelin Man’s brother in it. Any male fashion advice worth anything will tell you straight that baggy and formless is out and fitted and tailored is the way to go.

The over-designed and the loud

Gentlemen, let’s be honest now, the wild animals rely on their bright colours and loud patterning to attract a female mate. You, however, are not a peacock so here is some sound male fashion advice. As humans, we leave the stand-out-of-the-crowd attractiveness to the ladies.

All you have to do is look neat and handsome so leave the over designed t-shirts well alone. The same goes for loud accessories that scream for attention. They will get you attention alright, but it won’t be the kind you are aiming for. Designs on t-shirts are cool, over-designed t-shirts look like Jackson Pollock art canvasses.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans

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