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The Three Deadly Sins of Male Style: Advice to Avoid Fashion Disaster

Keeping up with fashion isn’t easy when you are a man. At best, you manage to look like a well coordinated, stylish version of yourself, at worst, like a clown. Worst of all, when you have made a horrible style faux pas, nobody tells you! Read on for the low down on the worst fashion mistakes you can make, as well as some great male style advice to fix them.

The three deadly sins:

Stuck in the eighties: The eighties were not exactly man’s greatest chapter in style history. There are very few reasons to revive anything from the eighties; unless it’s a dress up party, or you have some special item that everyone agrees passes as a funky retro item. Take some male style advice from anyone who survived the eighties, don’t go there!

Pants that are too short: While there are a few women’s styles that skim the ankles and manage to look okay, this look never looks on men. Do yourself a huge fashion favor and take some serious male style advice here; always ensure your pants are the right length! If necessary take them to a tailor and have some minor alterations done.

Crocs: It’s one thing to wear them around the house for comfort, or to wear them in your garden, but quite another to wear them out and expect people to take you seriously. Leave your orthopedic footwear at home!

Tucked in shirt: This is potentially one of the worst fashion crimes you can commit. Your clothes say a lot about you, and a tucked in shirt tells the world that you have no idea what is stylish. A tucked in shirt is unflattering, drawing attention to your stomach. Even if you have washboard abs, this is one fashion crime you cannot commit!

Naturally there are plenty more ways that you can create a fashion disaster without realizing, but these are the worst culprits. Your best bet is to stick to time honored basics that never go out of style, adding one or two fashionable items each season.

There’s plenty of great male style advice online, the trick is knowing which styles will complement your body and personal style. If in doubt, the woman in your life can always be counted on for an honest opinion, whether it’s your mother or your wife!

Male Crocs

Male Crocs

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  1. J. says:

    Tucked in shirt!
    Situation appropriate, I’d say rather than a fashion disaster.
    A tucked in shirt can’t be worse than sandals and socks!!!

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