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Fashion for the too thin and lanky

So many guys spend their lives envying their skinny brothers that eat what they want and never gain an ounce and modern society favors the lean and equates it with style and good looks. What most people never think of is that those very lanky and often too thin men face as many problems looking stylish and good in clothes as their obese brothers do. Clothes are designed in general for men that are average in build.  This leaves the super-slim men battling to find clothes that fit them properly and make them look good instead of rather drab. Thus it is just as important for the very thin guys to get some basic male fashion tips as to what clothes will make them appear fuller figured.

Go tailored and avoid too tight and clingy

Male fashion tips for the too lanky are to steer clear of clingy fabrics when choosing T-shirts and dress shirts that are slim-fitting will accentuate your thinness. Opt for shirts and tops that fall away from your waistline slightly, but beware of going too large or you will look like you are drowning in your shirt. Always check the labels on any shirts and tops you buy as too much elastic in the fabric will make it cling to your body.

When it comes to blazers and jackets, the way to go is small shoulder pads; this will bring balance to your chest and back. Never overdo the shoulder pads, you want a visual boost not make it look as if you wearing someone else’s blazer. A good male fashion tip is to get your blazers tailored so that they fit correctly everywhere with no loose fabric that makes you look lost in the blazer. Another tip is to wear jackets that fall to just under your buttocks as shorter will emphasize your too thin frame and a too long jacket makes you look like a beanpole wrapped in a blanket.

Fabrics to play down your skinny parts

The best male fashion tip is to choose bulky fabrics and ignore trends that say otherwise. Go all out for chunky knits and thick corduroys when they make the fashion rounds. For dressing up go in for the heavier wools and look for dress shirts with the highest thread count, you need the bulkier and thicker fabrics. On the topic of bulky knits and thick tops; avoid V-neck sweaters, they make your neck look scrawny; instead go after crewnecks and turtlenecks, they are perfect for you. Lastly, stay away from open-collared shirts, rather button dress shirts up and always look for shirts with spread collars, these give your chest a wider appearance.

Man in White Suit

Man in White Suit

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