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Dress for Your Height and Not Only Shirt Size

The human form is interesting in its many varied shapes and sizes and thus dressing your individual form should be seen as a pleasure and not a task. It is clear that not many men know much about using clothing to make a fashion statement and this is why some guys end up finding something comfortable to slip in.

Ignorance is no long an excuse that can be used as getting accesses to ways that you can dress for your height is only a matter of typing some keywords into a search engine and then click, you’re off. The sad truth is that most men feel very conscious when their height or body shape does not conform to the norm.  Some men then try to simply ‘slack it off’ and then wonder why they don’t feel attractive. Just like women, men too need to be able to appreciate that their height can be worked to an advantage if they dress it well.

Disguise   – create an illusion

Taking care of your body is the first step to being able to dress it. While the romantic notion that you might be able to find love regardless of what you look like might be true to some degree, there is still the matter of confidence.

If you feel that you are overweight then doing something about it will make you look and feel comfortable in the clothing that you wear. Shirt size is an important and integral part of dressing for your height. This also entails the type of colours that you want to use in order to create the right illusion.

Tailored shirts will make your body look leaner, just as long as they are not too tight. Black is often the chosen, slimming color when it comes to clothing, but gray colors work well too. Thin strips going horizontal and not vertical can give the illusion of length. Jeans or trousers with pockets can give the illusion of some backside.

Try them on

The best way to know if something will work for you is to try them on. Fashion is all about accessibility and it is for this reason that you should go out and try them. Society is ruled by how we look and there is nothing that is going to change that. All you can do is to learn how to make your body as attractive as you want it to be.

Men's Style

Men's Style

There is Nothing Wrong with an Ambient Smell

Fashion is about using two senses to create just the right type of effect. With the eyes you can decide if someone is wearing clothing with just the right balance from the color wheel. This can either make them appear balanced or simply appealing. The nose is there to balance out the whole look. Smell is as much a part of selecting the right clothing as it is a tool that helps you reminisce. The trick is finding out which scent works well with your natural body odor.

Testing! Testing! Testing!

The problem with perfumes, body sprays or even after shaves is that while they may seem to be made for the masses; your individual adaption will indicate whether or not the one you like actually works for you. Most often people do not realize that you don’t actually choose the smell, but the smell chooses you.

What you eat comes out of your pores as sweat, and these chemicals will either work in harmony to increase your attraction, or you will smell like a man walking through a cloud of nice smelling fumes. The latter is not appealing in that is does not make you memorable in any way. Testing your smell should be part of everything.

A woman’s nose knows, so use the close female friends you have. If you are serious about giving women what they want and creating the right effect then this could be your ticket. Simply select the types of perfume or aftershave or even body spray you fancy, spray it on some T-shirts and let them sniff. They will let you know which one is a ‘you’ smell.

Dating is like a busy restaurant

The reason why all the paraphernalia is needed is because life can be so hectic. There are many things that you might not be able to take in instantly and that is why you need to give yourself a competitive edge.

So what are the things that you want to leave as your first impression? Will your smile cause others to flinch or do you smell like a miner who could use a shower but opted for too much body spray instead?

Thinking about these things and ensuring that you correct them before they become tools of de-attraction means you will be the focus. You want to create an effect but not one that is like a bad tune that sticks to your head because it was bad. Moderation in all things is key.

Male Perfume

Male Perfume

Your White Smile Confidence

The nature of attraction can often feel confusing. The readily and available pieces of information assembled in blogs or articles is partly to blame for this. The nature of the online world has also changed the way such rules are operated. This means that people who would not necessarily be seen as the catch of the day can find themselves as the catch of the day. With all this in mind, it can be hard to see how one can improve their attractive potential. Modern technology is already ahead and waiting for you to catch up.

Dress code – confidence

When you watch movies of all the men that are seen as sex bombs, such as, say perhaps the likes of James Bond, you are immediately drawn to the way they act, the verbal and no-verbal body language. However if you sit down and think about it, what is it that is making them seem so attractive? How do they find their confident feet when the situation seems impossible? Now it is time you used the forward but often background techniques.

You have to learn to dress your body so that is acts as one attractive magnet. This by no means, means that you should start acquiring a vast array of suites and jackets so that you can play the part. It is all about find your individual style that makes you feel attractive. Dressing up also means that you use colors that make you feel attractive such as slightly darker versions of trend colors.

Now work that smile

Once you have the body kitted out, it is time work that face. Sometimes you might find that having glasses is really your thing, so stick to your comfort zone, but a white smile is not at all that costly and anyone can have one.

These days, habits that have been deemed unhealthy such as drinking coffee and smoking can leave your teeth looking discolored. Unfortunately this is no longer attractive because even cowboys can now afford to have beautiful white teeth.

If you are not sure of using a slightly expensive teeth whitening procedure, then at least you could use some of the many different types of toothpaste that there is. You can then simply work off some of the stains. Learning to move with the times makes it easier for you to stay current in your attraction. This can be hard thing to do because we all have comfort zones.

Confident Man

Confident Man